Tricks to correct swollen eyes and glasses that are causing you to go back to routine

They say the good, if brief, twice as good. We do not agree. Where is this relaxation, this rested and bright complexion of happiness that the holidays had left us. It took us a second. While the routine works well for all of us to maintain a balance, it also has the facet of
stress, overwhelm, lack of sleep and hurry which translate into our skin reacting. As always,
the first signs of discomfort appear in the eyes. Dryness, increased pigmentation and an almost unhealthy appearance. All caused by changes and readjustment to the usual lifestyle.

swollen eyes they are due to excessive fluid retention in the periorbital area. Not to be confused with bags, which are usually part of aging, although they can be exacerbated by inflammation. The contour of the eyes is the most delicate part of our face, as it tends to dehydration (yes, the accumulation of fluids can also occur because of this, no matter how contradictory it sounds), the
loss of density and collagen, The fading of the grease pads and the
paused blood flow. Thus, they appear
glasses, wrinkles and swelling. Quiet. There are always methods and products that enhance the tired look and here we show you.

ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo by Elemis /


The first and most obvious is to keep some
healthy habits, Something that many of us may find difficult. The typical thing, drink plenty of water, do not go without alcohol, eat a low-sodium diet, sleep well. These simple gestures are made uphill for us, but they are key to reducing the problem. So, force yourself.

One trick that can be effective is
go to sleep with your head held high, Including one or two extra pillows, to prevent nighttime buildup. Ah, yes! And very, very much
sun protection factor (We will never get tired of repeating it).

Cryo Skin Icing Roller by BEAUTYBIO /


If you are at a point where it already causes you discomfort, the
traditional home remedy never fail.
cold compresses, Slices of cucumber or iced spoon are used as a
cryotherapy to contract blood vessels, increasing flow and thus minimizing inflammation. there are a lot
tools of beauty as
rollers o
ice or metal balloons, Which help you keep the swelling at bay using the power of cold and massages. the
hydrogel patches they are another super beneficial element.

Potent-C Power Brightening Hydra-Gel Eye Patches by Peter Thomas Roth /


Gadgets are the perfect complement to the crucial axis of treatment to reduce glasses, bags and inflammation, the
contour cosmetics. A good cream or serum can do wonders with your look. Of course, to achieve visible results, there are ingredients that must appear if or if on the labels.

Hyaluronic Marina Dew it Right Eye Gel by Dr. Dennis Gross /


caffeine, Green tea, aloe vera,
hyaluronic acid,
antioxidants (Vitamin C, niacinamide …), licorice root extract, marine components, collagen, retinol or
ceramides they are active
illuminators, cell regenerators, moisturizers and that protect the skin barrier. Of course, the formulas don’t have to include them all, but at least two or three in high percentages.

‘No Puffery’ Cool Roll-On by Origins /


Those to which the stock exchanges carry their heads, before investing in products or devices of various kinds, it is recommended
go to the dermatologist to find out what the underlying problem is and from here, prescribe one
personalized treatment, As genetics or loss of structural support play an important role that is not corrected with cosmetics.

When swelling, glasses or bag persist perhaps the most practical approach is to dry cut with
laser or led light procedures,
dermal fillings, Technology based on the
plasma o
chemical exfoliation. Always, with your doctor’s approval.

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