Tips to choose the most suitable makeup base for your skin color and get a natural finish that looks like it was made by a professional

Choosing the right foundation is key to getting a natural-looking makeup that will leave you with a radiant complexion. However, the task can be more complicated than it seems. Luckily, makeup artist Cristina Lobato (who already taught us how to prepare the skin for makeup) has given us some tips that can help you get it right. Take note and you will see that the result looks like it was made by a professional.

We usually choose the base according to our skin tone. However, the make-up artist reminds us that this can vary depending on sun exposure. What you need to keep in mind is your skin tone.

Skins with a cold undertone
they turn red easily and are sensitive to the sun. They are usually fine and have a light pink color. The right bases for them are
those of pink undertone.

Those of warm undertone are those with
yellowish or golden pigmentations. The most appropriate bases for this skin type are yellow undertones.

With the right base you will get a more natural looking makeup

Finally, they are
skins with a neutral undertone. They are more beige skins that can present areas with different pigmentations. They should choose a beige undertone base.

However, there are more factors that can influence. For example, oily skin should have
beware of oxidation, As the yellow undertones may turn orange.

Once you know the needs of your skin, you may be faced with another problem and that is interpreting product labels. Cristina has also helped us with this. You will usually find letters and numbers. The number refers to the key. The lower the number,
the lighter the tone and the higher, the darker.

The letter indicates the undertone. The C is a warm undertone that turns yellow. NC is for a warmer but more golden undertone. The N is a neutral undertone that tends to be beige. Neutral tones that shoot colder than warm are represented with NW. Finally, the letter W means that the undertone is cold.

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