Three tricks to control and dominate your straight hair on the wettest days

Summer may be your favorite time, but you have to admit that it has its complications and more if you have rebellious hair. have the
lace pearls it is most normal in wetlands. Surely you have tried to straighten your hair many times, and you do not get even a smooth flake. If this is your case, forget about hair straighteners and let your hair breathe. He will thank you, and you will regain life and brilliance for the fall. Now is the time to
know the best tricks to control thin, bodyless hair. Whether with a natural method or a smoothing, the perfect point is not to end up in a few minutes like a sun-dried lion.

three simple tricks that you have to follow, whatever your case, you will control your straight hair. Especially on those days when you can’t go outside until 10pm. And even these steps, they can help you when the days come with more rain and temperature is out of control. By the way, having your eyes set on autumn. the
cold, dry winter air it is the worst for straight hair, as is heating and wearing scarves. These details make the situation of your hair worse. If after using several cans of lacquer, and ironing daily you have not achieved any results. Pay attention to the following tricks we have collected. Following three professional tips, the effort of fighting a haircut will be easy and simple.

Simple and easy tricks for straight hair

volume is a common goal all over the world, and if you have hair much more. To achieve the desired effect, you need to follow a proper hair routine. In the case of hair, you will look for products for
give grace and movement to the hair. Usually this type of hair is boring. If you’re still wondering how to do it, jot down the three professional tricks and you’ll have more movement than Beyonce at a concert.

Do not add heat

The first and most important rule is to let your hair dry in the air. Set aside the dryer, only
will give more problems and feeling warmth that you don’t need now. To turn off straight hair use an anti-frizz serum.

Anti-fall fortifying serum. 32.90 euros /


Always protect your hair, and for it to be true you need to use K Genesis Kerastase Anti-Fall Fortifying Serum.
Take care of your scalp from the roots, which are weakened by stress, hormonal imbalances or diets. It will prevent straight hair and breakage of the hair fiber in the middle and ends.

It’s never too much hydration

All hair types should be well hydrated. In the case of hair, it is very necessary for it to be seen carefully. Professionals recommend one
hydration bath. This way you will forget about dull and damaged hair.

Moisturizing mask. 3.70 euros /


How can I take a professional moisturizing bath from home? The Garnier Fructis Hydra Smooth mask is the product. Use it after each wash, to fortify the hair thanks to the argan oil it contains.

A good cut will be your best ally

If you have a change of look in mind and have straight hair, long hair is the most treacherous. It’s because you add more weight. Therefore, your hair tends to fall out more and you will see it smoother and duller.


half mane is the cut you have to choose. You’ll have more movement in your head, and if you incorporate soft layers, you’ll get it
an extra volume and so it will look different in your hairstyle. If you don’t want to cut your XXL hair, go for it.

These three tricks we have told you, are the ones you have to have engraved to say goodbye to your hair. By the way, if you want to add an alternative finishing touch to your hairstyle, when it’s ready and in place, do a
cold air shot with the dryer. It will help make your style better and your hair will relax. You may not get Beyonce’s movement and volume, but you will
say goodbye to your straight hair.

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