The serum with hyaluronic acid that falls in love with influencers for its super moisturizing power (and other more affordable options)

If you haven’t already tried any cosmetics with
hyaluronic acid, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It’s not that difficult, you can find a cream with this beauty asset at Mercadona and influencers get tired of recommending hyaluronic acid serums. That’s what happened on this occasion, and it’s that
Laura Matamoros has recommended us a branded serum
Barbara Sturm which gives amazing hydration results.

This is the
Hyaluronic Serum and is made with two ingredients: hyaluronic acid and verdolaga, which is a singularity of this German brand. This ingredient is very potent and reduces the appearance of
visible signs of irritation, So it’s great to wear after the sun. Hyaluronic acid contains low and high weight molecules:
low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, leaving a feeling of firmness and freshness in the long run and that of
high weight provides immediate intensive hydration in the surface layers of the skin. This means that it acts in the short and long term. What is the only bad thing about this serum? The price, since
it costs 260 euros (You can find it at laconicum).

But rest assured, if you want a good hyaluronic acid serum, there are plenty on the market already
more affordable prices. Here are our favorites:

Vichy Mineral Serum 89

Reinforces the skin’s barrier function to better protect it from both external and internal aggressions, it should be used as the first step of any daily beauty routine in an urban setting or as a unique product. It is formulated with his
Mineralizing Thermal Water in a concentration of 89%, associated with
Hyaluronic acid of natural origin. It is available in Wonder for 16.80 euros.

PSA The Most Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This moisturizer full of nutrients (with
multiple hyaluronic, kombucha, panthenol and organic safflower oil) Recovers stressed, hangover, dull and dehydrated skin. It provides essential hydration immediately, while helping skin cells to better retain moisture in general to achieve smoother and more supple skin. You can find it at Niche Beauty for 39 euros.

Isdin concentrated hyaluronic serum

Concentrated hyaluronic moisturizing serum that helps moisturize and redensify the skin, smoothing wrinkles, minimizing pores and providing a bright, supple and healthy-looking face, thanks to its content
BioMarine which comes from marine sources of natural origin, helping to provide a face with a rejuvenated effect and a satiny texture. Get it for 32.52 euros at PromoFarma.

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