The secret of the huge look of Queen Letizia: eyeliner and eyelash mask in brown

The secret to the perfect makeup
Queen Letizia it’s not just on your favorite anti-aging makeup base or on your vitamin C serum to prepare your skin before you get any kind of pigment. Your trusted makeup artist also knows the anti-aging tips for eye makeup from 40 because it applies each and every one of them. What is the trick of the
rejuvenated look de donya Letizia?

First, treat the area and keep it hydrated. The royal is said to use Sisley’s Fluide Contour Yeux à la Rose Noire. The second, we assume, applies long-lasting makeup so as not to make any mistakes. And the third and most visible, use
brown tones both in the shadows and in the eyeliner or eyelash mask. A gesture recommended by experts because unlike the black that hardens the features and can age, soften, perfect and give freshness to the look.

Queen Letizia’s brown eye makeup. /


From a base on the eyelid in beige tones, Letizia always wears one
very smooth outline which has been created under the application of a brown eye pencil which has subsequently faded to consciousness. In addition, we can see how the stroke goes from the tear of the eye, passing over the birth of the eyelashes to the other end and over the water line.

With the Waterproof Eye Pencil in tone 02 Brown Retail of
Clarins, Which is suitable for all skin types, you can copy the look to the queen effortlessly. The precise, creamy, easy-to-blur mine ensures a perfect stroke from the first pass. Plus, it is
water resistant and lasts up to 8 hours intact.

1. Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil in 02 Brown Retail. 2. Perfectly defined Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown. 3. Eye pencil 3 in a Chanel Shadow And Outline Style. /


Other options that are also resistant to moisture and rain are the Perfectly Defined Eyeliner Gel Eyeliner from
Bobbi Brown or the 3 eyeliner in a Style Ombre Et Contour of
Chanel, Which can be used as an eye shadow or as an eyeliner. Its brown tones Contour Clair or Electric Brown, are ideal for our goal.

For the eyelash mask, we were left with dark brown tones to create depth and contrast in the look, such as the 694 brown of the Diorshow Overcurl mask that creates an instant lifting effect on the look, the Warm Brown of the Smart Color Mask by Kiko Milano and in the brown Moonlight of Lash Paradise by L’Oréal Paris.

1. Dior Diorshow Overcurl Mask. 2. Smart Color Mascara by Kiko Milano. 3. Lash Paradise by L’Oréal Paris. /


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