Pilar Rubio’s radical change of look: she says goodbye to her XL hair and goes to the shaggy with curly fringe that succeeds so much

Layered haircuts are worn and long bobs like Eugenia Silva’s remain one of the favorite options, however, there is more to it. there is
cuts a little riskier, But with whom it is very easy to hit and who are also currently succeeding and one of them is
the shaggy. Jennifer Lopez wears the long version and the last one to join him has been
Pilar Rubio.

The presenter came to star in the weekly fashion section that takes place in ‘El Hormiguero’ and surprised everyone with a
radical change of look. Ever since we met Pilar,
he has always worn dark, very long hair which has changed slightly over time, but of which it has retained its essence. Apparently, she feels comfortable with this style and has not felt the need to make big changes … So far.

With a very marked curl and a layered haircut that provides a lot of volume, the collaborator appeared on the television program to present the
trends of the eighties and nineties which are marking fashion news right now. And yes, that includes the cut
shaggy to which it has been pointed, characterized by a
long above the shoulders and very short layers which lengthen at the bottom.

And all this next to one
semidespeindo fringe and parade which shows that curly hair is also suitable for this type of cut and that, in addition, it goes wonderfully. And although we thought it could be a wig, Pilar has shown that she has dared with this change and has once again worn this cut in plain version. The presenter has participated as an image in an event and has shone
the shaggy with fringed parade with very straight hair. Two versions of this cut that confirm that it is the favorite of the season.


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