Edurne’s change of look: more blonde than ever with the hair color that rejuvenates and achieves dazzling hair

It seems that after the summer and with the arrival of the new season, celebrities have opted for
give new life to your hair and recover it after the damage that the sun, heat or sea leaves on the hair. Several have opted for dry cutting – such as Georgina Rodríguez or Eugènia Silva – and others have preferred
update your hair coloring, As he did
Edurne. The singer, who has made the blond her hallmark, has chosen
a much more intense color which he marvels at. File it!

Immersed in ‘Catarsi’, her new album, and in the recordings of ‘Got Talent’, the television program in which she participates as a jury, Edurne has wanted to be perfect for the start of the new season and, therefore, has passed by the hairdresser to show off the most beautiful blond she has ever worn. And he has done so relying on and
the ‘Blondie’ salon by Laura Escanes located in Madrid.

On this occasion, Edurne has opted for the
color creamy blonde, 1
much more intense and striking cold blond than what he has brought habitually and with which he has given an extra of
brightness, dimension and movement in her hair. In the result that the salon has posted on its Instagram profile, you can see how the singer looks too
wicks that lighten in specific areas like the contour of the face.

In addition, from ‘Blondie Madrid’ who have achieved this beautiful result thanks also to the
Goa Organics Sublime 10 · 31 treatment to give it a shot of nutrition, shine and softness. She is gorgeous! And not just for the color, but for the onito cut he wears and which is accompanied by one
fringe curtain which is so much worn and so favored. Total success!

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