Collagen: definitive guide to stimulate the greatest anti-aging component of our skin and what cosmetics, supplements and treatments to use to be younger than ever (from marine collagen to retinol)

As we age, our skin loses its firmness. This fact is precisely what gives the most aged look. the
collagen is the protein responsible for
give structure to the skin, Contributing the volume and tersando the factions. Its production slows down with age (from 25 years) and so,
skin density decreases and flaccidity appears. Therefore, we need to incorporate supplements that stimulate it, in our facial care routine.

Now, there is a trend in the beauty market that uses collagen as an anti-aging ‘claim’ in products, whether for skin use or supplements. However, recharging the warehouse of this component is not that simple.
Its inclusion in the labels does not guarantee, at all, a reaffirmed result. In fact, there are other ingredients that favor it more. To clarify your doubts and make you invest your money better, we tell you how it works and
what cosmetics and treatments are worth.

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For starters, what you need to keep in mind is that the
collagen is a large molecule with
unlikely to be absorbed by the dermis, Because of its size it is difficult to penetrate. That is, topically, its benefits help maintain hydration, but not the natural stimulation of the protein.

Meanwhile, the category of
supplements ingestible, so fashionable today,
yes it has a better efficiency. This is because, upon entering the system,
they deceive the body into believing that it must apply its regenerative function. Studies support this, assuring that,
after 3 months, a decrease in collagen reduction is observed, Or what is the same, slows down this loss, as well as increases hydration.

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In powder, capsules or jelly beans, there are many versions, although the important thing is not so much its format, but other factors such as the ability of our body to assimilate or the availability of nutrients. Experts advise the
hydrolyzed collagen, To be easier to digest and attach to blood, and also the
marine, Of good synthesis. In addition, it is recommended
avoid foods high in sugar, Because this causes the collagen fibers to become stiff and difficult to repair.

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Dermatologists opt for the 360, 1 approach
complete treatment that combines certain ingredients for skin care along with clinical procedures that work in the deeper layers, To enhance anti-aging benefits, if we have a defined and continuous diet.

Among the assets capable of increasing collagen levels are 3. First, the
retinol, Or rather, all derivatives of vitamin A. It has been proven that retinoids
they favor cell regeneration with respect to collagen and elastin fibers, In addition to inactivating collagenase, an enzyme that destroys collagen. Especially, the topical use of the
tretinoin has rejuvenating properties, boosting protein production in the dermis.

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There is also L-ascorbic acid or
vitamin C, If included in percentages between 5 and 15. Or, in turn, vitamin B3 or
niacinamide, In one
5% concentration, Which slows down the appearance of crosslinked molecules, harmful to elasticity. Use the combination of vitamin C and niacinamide in your morning routine and leave the retinol at night, or you can support it with niacinamide as well.

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there are several
professional treatments, Non-invasive, prescribed as an anti-aging and collagen-enhancing method. The use of the
red led light stimulates fibroblasts, secretors of this protein that maintain the structural framework of tissues. the
laser it has a healing facet based on the promotion of collagen fibers.

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The technique of
microneedling renews and doubles the levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid responsible for hydration. The same gets the
radio frequency. the
dermal fillings or Profhilo, use hyaluronic acid to fill the skin and increase the flow of collagen and elastin creation over time.

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Always consult with your doctor about the most viable and specific option for you, however, with this information you are sure to already have the basics to start shaping the steps of your care routine that will slow down aging.

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