Zara’s most stylish striped shirt (word of influencer)

We don’t need to tell you that
Carmen Gimeno he always leaves us the best looks on his Instagram profile, right? We were inspired by her season after season. It has the Zara jacket that stylizes and rejuvenates the most, the embroidered kimono that has obsessed those who know best about fashion, the polka dot blouse that makes us sleepy, the H&M jacket that rejuvenates and combines wonderfully with dress and sportswear … Now we have a walk through her Instagram feed again and it turns out that the influencer has the perfect look (which, of course, stylizes a lot and rejuvenates, as always) with
striped print as the protagonist. ‘Carmen has become an inexhaustible source of fashion inspiration! We have no doubt that she is the most 50-year-old influencer with the most Instagram style.

This time it has left us with a very basic look but nothing boring that we can all copy with what we already have in the closet (a perfect option if you do not want to shell out large sums of money after the summer holidays). This time, Carmen has resorted to one
long denim skirt and has combined it with a shirt with a vertical stripe print and some slippers
White converse.

Why do we like this styling so much? Because the vertical stripes stylize a lot, as they lengthen the silhouette visually instantly. In addition, it is a suitable option for both work and day looks. What do you think of the result?

Carmen has made it very clear in her Instagram feed that the shirt she wears is from
Zara and that’s why we just walked around the low cost brand’s website. The good news is that we’ve found a bunch of striped shirts just perfect to succeed this season (and to copy Carmen’s look).

This one, for example, in blue and with a lapel collar, can be yours for yourself
19.95 euros. The good news? As it has just hit stores, it is still available on the brand’s website. Of course, being so affordable, it will soon run out.


But if this option does not convince you, do not worry because on the Zara website you can find more similar shirts. How to combine it for a look of ten? Get inspired by Carmen and combine this shirt with a denim skirt (or basic jeans) and a handbag. Or, if you want, you can resort to some palazzo pants to get a working look of ten. Seriously, all your friends will ask you where you bought this trendy shirt, so talk about it only when it’s already yours. In the basket!

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