Zara shoots the romantic trend: blouses with bows, laces and silly collars to fall in love (and that look great with jeans)

Among all
microtendencies that assault us right now, this is our weakness: romanticism. It’s nothing new, as we’ve been enjoying it for more than a season with rolled up sleeves and ruffles. Here we bring a version
more delicate and subtle, Thanks to a mini blouse of Zara blouses that you will fall in love with. You’re going to be able to put them on with everything, but pay attention to the stylists in our favorite store and mix it up with hard pieces, full of
rock’n’roll, Tweed dresses or college jackets. You will be crowned in the office as a true fashion sage.

Attention to this
in a blouse with a bow because it leaves no doubt: it is the epitome of what is romantic. It looks great with this one
tweed dress, As suggested by Zara stylists, but you can also wear it with jeans or any piece of leather effect. Attention because it closes with an opening and buttons on the back (25.95 euros).

This is ours
favorite blouse, We cannot deny it. This is a design connected in a super sexy polka dot transparent fabric, which is adorned with a
silly neck with perforated embroidery and black bow (25.95 euros). It’s an amazing blouse, from which they rescue any basic look.

new Zara collection also suggests a more understated blouse, perfect to match with all kinds of jackets, taking advantage of one
coll babau which has an ideal size and shape. If you want to take it as a protagonist, you have no waste: the
blouse is cropped, Wears the low finish on the steering wheel and closes with jewel buttons (25.95 euros). Spectacular.

Finally, another
blouse that is a prodigy of subtlety, With a combination of
coup de grace and captivating bow. It is a design with a raised neck that, again, closes on the back with buttons lined to tone (29.95 euros). If you haven’t already fallen in love with a blouse, it’s because you don’t have a heart.

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