Zara is also committed to the chess print with a collection that you will incorporate into all your styles

Maybe, as we were kicking off the fall-winter season, you also thought the checkerboard pattern was a one-day flower. But the weeks go by and this beautiful combination of tones and shapes is still very present in the new collections of our favorite brands, so we can confirm that it is the winning trend of the season. From knitted sweaters to skirts and dresses, this print has reached every piece. And Zara have opted for its more classic version with
a collection that you will bring to all your styles.

And it is that the firm of Inditex has led to some of the pieces that we will put more in the coming weeks the black and white paintings. And thanks to them
we can create colorful looks and personality, Both original and beautiful, which we will combine with the boots, coats and bags that are essential this season.

Although in some cases, such as dresses, we have two designs to choose from. On the one hand is this
turtleneck dress and short sleeves, With back straps on the back and mini design. It is priced at 25.95 euros and is available in sizes XS and XXL.

Another short dress with a checkered print from Zara is this one from
straight neckline and bare shoulders with long sleeves. With chest opening detail, we can find it between sizes XS and XXL for 29.95 euros.

For those who love skirts, the firm has opted for this
High shot mini design that comes with side pockets and costs 22.95 euros. It is available in sizes XS and XL.

If you like the total look, this body
with checkered print and long sleeves is what you are looking for. With a round neck and shoulder straps, it has a zipper closure on the back and we can find it between sizes XS and XL, except for the L which has been sold out, for 22.95 euros.

And in addition to the mini skirt you can combine it with this one
high-waisted pants and straight legs, Which costs 25.95 euros and is available between sizes XS and L.

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