These are the brands of accessories made in Spain that you will succeed this season (and that you can afford)

It’s a fact: Spanish fashion triumphs on social media. There are many celebrities and influencers who bet on various brands of clothing, bags and footwear that they manufacture in Spain. And it doesn’t surprise us because they have pieces that are ideal. But the accessories are not far behind. More and more firms are producing jewelry and jewelery in our country and offering a quality product at an affordable price.

the change of season, It’s a good time to take a look. Maybe that’s how you find the perfect accessories to wear with your autumn and winter sets. To help you, today we bring you two brands: acus and Som Vèrtexs. We chose them because
they have conquered us with their designs, Which are full of magnetism.

Acus is a Sevillian firm /


let’s start with
accus, A Sevillian jewelry firm. It has a multitude of pieces, many of which can be customized by choosing the colors of the stones. We fell in love with the Serendipia earrings. You can choose from a gold or silver bath, as well as from more than thirty stones. They are priced at
€ 46.

Som Vèrtexs is a company from Zaragoza /

we are vertices

we are vertices, On the other hand, is a Zaragoza brand. Its creator, Sandra Azuara, designs the jewelry and creates it by 3D printing with biodegradable materials. Our favorite is the Call me gold lightning necklace. The chain can be made of gold-plated surgical steel or gold-plated silver. The pendant is in gold and in a “galaxy” color. coast
€ 30.

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