The Zara dress with which Nagore Robles has triumphed on television feels wonderful and is proof that white is also for autumn

Neither the Primark midi dress nor this so ideal print have achieved that
Nagore Robles forget about
Zara. The presenter has once again made it clear that his favorite sign is the Inditex giant and that he is (and will continue to be) turning to him for his
TV looks. The last? One starring one
very sexy and ideal white dress with which he has confirmed that this time is the best to wear this color.

Nagore is immersed and happy with the new project that Mediaset has offered her: to present
‘I’ll survive’. A work in which he premiered several weeks ago and which, apparently, he loves to do. So much so, that he does not hesitate to share with his followers photos and videos of the best moments. And yes, in one of these posts we signed him
an ideal dress.

This is a
white mini dress and tight cut which has a very special design. The skirt is draped with a crease on the side, has a long sleeve and a nice
cut-out neckline with knot in the chest. Ideal, right? coast
29.95 euros and is available from size XS to XXL.

you are

We love it because it is a perfect idea to highlight the brown that we will gradually lose for the summer. And is that using white is now the best option to revive this little color and yes, confirmed, it is also suitable for cold seasons. In addition, its tight and pointed neck design make it perfect for
boast of tipàs. We want it!

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