The brand for which all fashion experts lose their heads sign a collaboration with Zara and you will want to buy everything

Although the
collaborations between
luxury firms and the
big low cost textile giants are the order of the day (and we should be grateful to have in the closet designs by Lanvin, Versace and Stella McCartney among others without ruining us), Zara had remained so far in a discreet background. However, the Inditex brand has surprised us this week with a capsule in which they have collaborated with one of the most passionate contemporary firms among fashion insiders,
Kassl Editions.

A piece of news that since its announcement has already caught our attention and made us wonder what is special and why it has already begun to run out.
Kassl Editions, Is a cult brand adored by fashion connoisseurs for its attractive utilitarian style, which has devised a collection of pieces with a timeless vocation.
Flagship of minimalism, His aesthetic discourse seems to have fitted perfectly into the current discourse in which tracksuits have become the uniform of the new normal. But among its most prominent pieces we can not forget the coats, certainly the piece around which they have built a powerful aesthetic imaginary.

This maxi coat for example has a lot of ballots to be the wild card for rainy autumn days. It is made of lightweight nylon, with an adjustable hood and contrast-sealed thermal seams. It costs 99.95 euros.

A model that you can also find in navy blue, available in one size M and of which there is also a matching fisherman’s cap. Finish the look with an infallible twist of Scandinavian minimalism combining the cape with a sweater and white straight pants.

And to confirm that this blend can be nothing more than a hit, this cocoon-style navy blue wool double-breasted midi coat. With details on the bottom and large flaps, with front pockets and simple front closure. It costs 299 euros and is available in sizes from XS to L.

Conceived with a modern and urban spirit, framed within the sporting trend that transcends all borders to become the everyday uniform, this two-piece set made of black nappa is already starting to run out. For now you can still find the hunter in sizes XS and M (costs 499 euros). Wide pants with elastic waist and matching clips can be worn with both slippers and heeled boots to give it a more sophisticated touch. It costs 239 euros.

But if there’s one piece from this entire collection that is truly fascinating it’s this long reversible satin coat in two shades of brown, camel and chocolate. A modern and updated version of the classic raincoat to wear at all hours. It costs 299 euros and is available in sizes from XS to L.

And the repertoire of basics with a personality-laden twist doesn’t end there, this nylon firefighter proves it. With padded effect, without flaps and with side pockets. It costs 129 euros and the latest units in sizes XS and S are starting to run out.

A collection that is not like the others and although, we recognize, the prices are not the most democratic we have seen in Zara, we can ensure that the quality and versatility of the pieces and the design are worth it.

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