Mango’s most beautiful woman’s work dress

The truth is that
Rocío Osorno has become an inexhaustible source of fashion inspiration for us and we always try to recreate all her looks. She has the new multicolored Uterqüe dress that sweeps Instagram, the Mango midi skirt that stylizes and looks luxurious with everything, and the metallic dress that has made us forget about other party pieces. Now we’ve found another just perfect look for this season on her Instagram feed.

This time, the influencer has signed 01:00
dressed in jacket and tan pants nice that makes us sleepy. Pair it with heeled sandals and a small handbag
Jacquemus. The result? A lookazo of ten that will inspire us this season to go to the office (and to have a drink with friends after work). What do you think about it?

We set out to research and found the set that looks on the website of
Mango. We love the wide pants with openings (they are a perfect choice to hide the cartridges) and the jacket with shoulder straps that gives a special touch to the set. The good news is that this look belongs to the sustainable line of Mango. All pieces labeled as Committed are products that have been made with fibers and / or sustainable production processes, thus reducing their environmental impact. Can you ask for more?


Don’t panic: this set is more affordable than you think. The jacket can be yours for 99.99 euros and pants for 59.99 euros. Of course, you should know that this is a real fashion investment and you will pay it off in a very short time, so don’t think twice.

How to combine it? You can be inspired by Rocío and opt for heeled sandals to look more stylish (the model also wears black sandals), resort to lifelong lounge shoes and even opt for fashionable sneakers for give a more casual touch to the whole. You decide! Either way, you’re sure to succeed, so don’t think twice.

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