If you think that t-shirts are no longer for you, wait and see what has just arrived in Sfera that are long-sleeved and will rejuvenate your looks.

When it comes to finding a piece with which to achieve a flawless look with pants it is undeniable that the blouse is one of the perfect pieces to achieve this, because it is comfortable and beautiful. But the new collections come with a desire to overthrow myths and
in Sfera they have just arrived two t-shirts that are willing to convince us that they are also capable of achieving this. So if you think t-shirts are no longer for you forget-because these are so beautiful they will rejuvenate your looks.

Black, the fashion firm of El Corte Inglés has opted for
the lace fabric and the texture for two proposals full of style that have made us fall in love. And thanks to its design and color combine with everything from pants to miniskirts, midi skirts, and for any look. All occasions are good to wear a piece like this.

The lace t-shirt comes with long sleeves finished at the cuff
with elastic and ruffle and baby neck. She has her shoulders slightly bulging and tear-off button closure.

the most amazing thing is not how beautiful it is, But the price at which you can get it. It costs 19.99 euros and is available in sizes S, M and L.

The second proposal comes
with high neck and textured structured design. It also has long sleeves finished in elastic and slightly buckled shoulders.

a price of 23.99 euros, Is available in sizes S, M and L.

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