Fuchsia pink is the most flattering color of the season and these looks from influencers at New York Fashion Week confirm (with low cost Zara version included)

The month of fashion has begun. September is the starting bell so that all these wonderful creations of the catwalk have their translation in store and we can go to the latest with the trends of Fashion Weeks and the
street style. We do not delight in such a fantasy, which inaugurates the
New York Fashion Week, Which is followed by other parades
ready-to-wear of the other emblematic cities such as Paris, London and Milan, with the culmination of the Met Gala. After a year in which the fashion world came to a complete standstill, we are eager for inspiration.

We have already noticed an influx of saturated colors, which the looks of celebrities and influencers have only confirmed and empowered. If there’s one thing that’s worthy of replacing the classic black or the dark autumn palette itself, these are the ones
rejuvenating bright tones. A symbol of optimism, joy and life, they are always a success. And, as we are here to help you know what you feel best, the
elegant stylings which have been seen in the front row of New York, have in common
the most feminine and flattering color of all, el

When an ‘it girl’ of the status of
Olivia Palermo choose this tone as the protagonist of all your looks, we have the seal of trust that certifies it as infallible. One of the most sophisticated women in fashion panorama, well known for her taste in clothing, has never been unaware of the properties that a vivid color brings to an outfit. He has felt so much passion for fuchsia that he has decided to incorporate it even in a matching make-up.

from his
blazer dress paired with satin heel sandals in the same pink, and gold jewelry, to its dazzling
party dress asymmetrical adorned with
feathers, inspiration
60s and 70s, Which looks like a Halston model made to shine on studio dance floor 54, full of
glamor and distinction, But with the
fresh touch of fuchsia. Olivia has scored a double ten.

So beautiful and it turns out, it is luxurious to any woman and full of brilliance and light her face, lifting years above.
Jacquemus, Prada,
Valentino or Miu Miu are strongly committed to an intense pink. Most notable is its contribution to dresses, to enhance the feminine facet of the tone, in any fabric or cut. The princesscore trend or
princess dresses it protects him, with creations that are characterized by skirts with volume, vaporous materials and rolled sleeves.

For those who do not dare to wear one
total pink look like Palermo, they can opt for one
satin lingerie skirt combined with a
basic t-shirt, A model suitable for newspapers, in these days when the plans are extended from morning to night. As always, there is also the option to opt for the
colorful accessories as a method to transform looks and go fashionable, without leaving our comfort zone.

Now that it’s finally time to look pretty, with
arranged stylings with whom to feel like real divas, there is no better way to do it than with rose, to see us as
Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen prefer blondes or our favorite, the look of
Barbie Super chic Malibu.

If Olivia Palermo’s proposals have impacted you, here are several pieces very similar to
Zara i
Uterqüe for you to replicate the outfit.

Zara fuchsia satin blazer dress. 39.95 euros /


Pink satin midi dress with Uterque feather details. 129euros /


American long fuchsia with belt, from Uterqüe. 159 euros /


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