From Núria Roca to Ana Boyer: This is the ‘made in Spain’ brand that puts color to the looks of celebrities and influencers

In our list of
brands you have to signIn addition to being this affordable French, we need to add a new one. And is that, if you are looking for original pieces with those to escape from Inditex and what everyone wears, pay attention to this
signature ‘made in Spain’ which is succeeding in the networks. is called
Michonet and they have ideal designs like these embroidered pants that have all the influencers or this tie die dress that Núria Roca has worn.

Michonet is a Spanish brand that manufactures unique and exclusive designs that are committed to
the ‘slow fashion’. “We design each piece, we make it a reality,” they write on their Instagram profile. And the result is sophisticated models that they really like and that women like
Tamara Falcó, Ana Boyer or Núria Roca. The latter swept the television with
a pair of printed pants (149 euros) that his fans really liked.

In fact, a few days ago it was the daughter of Isabel Preysler who confirmed that Michonet has become the favorite brand to add color to the looks of those who know best about fashion. He did it by wearing one
short sleeve midi dress in blue and with a
zigzag embroidery and a square-necked back with ideal ribbon detail. coast
165 euros and is available in long sleeves and other colors.

Marta Sánchez, Naty Abascal and even royals as
Sassa d’Osma they have tested the ‘full color’ effect that Michonet’s designs bring. And although the prices are not as affordable as those offered by low cost firms, they are not exorbitant figures, so indulge in one of their pieces with which you will surely succeed
a place accessible to many and in which it is worth investing. File all your designs!

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