Why Queen Maxima’s holiday in the Netherlands always ends in controversy over her waste: problems begin with her private hunting grounds

It’s not the first time this has happened to them, but it has still taken them by surprise. If there is one issue that is attacking the popularity of the Dutch royal family, led by Queen Maxima, this is how they spend their holidays, specifically how much this holiday costs in the state of the Netherlands . For years, the high life train of the mother of Princess Catherine Amalia of Orange and wife of King William has raised alarms, but criticism has been confirmed in the midst of the crisis by the coronavirus because the royals of the Netherlands have been unable to give up their holiday luxuries.
And the last of these criticisms affects King William’s esteemed hunting ban.

Every five years William of Holland and his family receive from the Dutch state the amount of
4.7 million euros to take care of the nature reserve that surrounds the palace of Het Loo, the one we see every year in the summer poses of the royal family of the Netherlands. In order to receive this subsidy, the monarch must meet a series of conditions … which he has not yet met.

The agreement states that for the king to enjoy this amount of money the nature reserve
it must remain open to the public 358 days of the year, Or what is the same, every day of the year except one week. But the reality is that until now the monarch and his family close the reservation to the public every year
from September 15 to December 25. The reason? May the royals be able to hunt at will.

Faced with the breach of its part of the agreement in the Parliament of the Netherlands
will debate in January 2022 the possibility of withdrawing the subsidy from the king: if he wants to enjoy a private hunting reserve, he will be able to do so, but all the expenses that generate the care of the natural park will have to be paid by the monarch from his pocket. The other option is to respect what has been agreed and enjoy the reservation exclusively
only one week a year and in only one hectare of it, instead of in the more than 10,000 of which he enjoys at the moment.


Maximum of Holland, her life before becoming queen

It’s not the first time they
Orange finances they reach the country Parliament (let us not forget the controversy over the salary of the heiress to the throne) nor that the holidays of their monarchs are embroiled in controversy. In 2007, in the midst of the global economic crisis, they had to backtrack on their plans to build
1 palatine house in Mozambique to spend the summer away from everyone. Years later they returned to the charge. This time the house cost more than four million euros and is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Greece.

After the acquisition of the apartment came the luxury yacht (with more criticism for spending in the middle) and the “getaways” at the worst possible time. From last year’s holiday
they had to return in a hurry due to the crisis of popularity which generated seeing images of their monarchs posing without masks in Greek restaurants while the government asked its citizens to stay at home. This year putting on a luxury yacht while the Greek coast was burning has once again generated criticism against the royal family who do not seem to give a damn about going on holiday and have culminated in a new trial in the Dutch Parliament that could cost them to the kings more than 4 million euros.

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