Why Carolina from Monaco, Estefania and Alberto get along better since Charlène is in Africa (and they keep hanging out together in the photos)

When we got married we did the same with
the political family and once you open that melon, anything can happen. This is what has happened in Monaco: after a process of adaptation in which Charlène Wittstock ended up becoming the
Princess Charlene accompanied by the Grimaldi, over time both Princess Carolina of Hanover and her sister, Princess Stephanie ended up disappearing from the map. But in recent months it has become clear to us that when Charlène is not in the principality, Grace Kelly’s children have no problem appearing together and smiling in front of the cameras. It is an attempt by the princesses to side with
his brother Alberto at its most difficult time or is there something more after both going back and forth under the spotlight?

How Princess Charlène’s relationship with Carolina and Stephanie of Monaco began (spoiler, bad)

Sharks and vipers. This is how Princess Charlène defined the Monegasque population (court included) in the times of her relationship with the
Prince Albert II of Monaco. Without a doubt, going from being Charlène Wittstock to her most serene highness was a challenge and a sacrifice for the South African, but perhaps the most difficult thing was to deal with what she found in the palace:
two princess sisters-in-law from his birth fed up with the press, scandals and his brother’s girlfriends.


Charlene of Monaco: the life of the sad princess

Carolina of Monaco had carried on her shoulders the weight of the female palatal protocol since her mother Grace Kelly died. While his brother was pecking from flower to flower and
his sister Estefania he fled the palace to seek his life as a model, as a singer, as a circus artist or as anything,
Carolina of Monaco he had to continue representing for the international press, his father and the rest of the world all the glamor of the Rock.

By the time Albert II of Monaco decided to ask for the hand of a former Olympic swimmer to turn her into
princess there for 2011Both Estefania and Carolina were in awe of fear and with little confidence as to whether the fragile blonde who looked dazed at her brother at cocktails and parties would be able to withstand what was being sold on her.

Albert of Monaco was aware of his sisters’ reluctance, it took him a world and 53 years to declare himself to someone and since 1994 he knew what was going to be the worst part of it. “The hardest part (while you make a wife) will remain
let my sisters accept it. The amount of my unhappy girlfriends that these two broke … », he assured then in an interview. To prevent Charlène from being “torn”, long before her wedding Alberto took care to include her in the Grimaldi family photo from 2009. But did they get used to her?

Charlène’s difficult relationship with Carolina of Monaco (which seems to have gotten worse)

with the
Princess Stephanie, Charlène made good springs from the beginning: they are both lovers of sports, quiet life and run away from the “bling, bling”. The problem is that Charlène’s destiny was precisely this “bling, bling” … and Princess Carolina knew it. Did the Grimaldi’s older sister grant Charlène the benefit of the doubt?

The theory that has been handled for years by the pink press is that the main problem between the older sister of the Grimaldi and Charlène was the inability of the South African
comply with the social acts of Monaco. Basically, what Charlène did not do, leaving her husband alone, ended up damaging the image of the royal couple or falling on Carolina, who by now all she wanted was to retire and enjoy her fortune and his grandchildren.

Prince Albert and his sisters seem more united than ever now that Charlene is not there. /


But now with the absence of Charlene the picture has changed so much in the palace that the relationship between the reigning princess and her sisters-in-law seems to have seen the seams. In Monaco, the trio of brothers have recovered the
rhythm of public appearances in pairs or all together loosely, Decision and smiles.

Meanwhile, Princess Charlène of South Africa sent SOS complexes in interviews stating that after ten years in the principality she had only managed to make two friends and that “some” had been hostile to her since the principles
questioning Alberto’s choice. Given that Charlène also claims that this rejection of “some” deeply hurt the prince, the imagination of the press has flown out and fallen to the smiling Carolina.

According to the foreign press, and especially the German publication
Frankfurter Rundschau and the French
Here it is, Princess Carolina made Charlène feel bad from the moment she arrived in Monaco … and she still does. German media claim that Carolina has orchestrated a whole campaign against Charlène in her absence and that she has gone so far as to claim that the princess is a danger to the Grimaldi. They also hold her responsible for
starring in statements about Charlène as a mother (Because she is worried about the children now that she is not there) and taking care of Charlène’s children in her absence, more than anything, to harass her.


Who is the richest Grimaldi in Monaco?

The fact is that with the absence of Charlene, Carolina has regained her place of
first lady of Principality, Which, according to these rumors, I wanted to enjoy again. According to these media, her long-awaited step into the background during Charlène’s ten years in the principality was a torture for her, used to shining in the spotlight. The fact that
Albert of Monaco has tried to strengthen his wife’s position in the principality even during her absence, for example by granting a position in August as
new vice-president of the Monegasque Red Cross it has no effect. According to these publications, Carolina was, has been and is jealous of the role of Charlène and seems willing to make her pay by discrediting her.

A whole drift that will continue to feed the pink press number after number while Charlène remains in South Africa and that has also affected Princess Estefania: now the unofficial story of her relationship with Charlène rules that they are not getting along, the reason? The treatment that Albert de Monaco’s wife gives to
her husband’s illegitimate children. Let’s not forget that Estefania is Alexandre Grimaldi Cost’s godmother and Charlène’s contempt for the child that Nicole Cost claimed in Paris Match to have suffered is the key that took them away. No doubt this Game of Thrones-worthy soap opera will continue.


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