Thus Queen Letizia, if 49th birthday, has become the most powerful woman in the Royal House

On the verge of reaching the middle of the century, when the great biographical balance sheets will probably be made, Queen Letizia can celebrate, in addition to her
49th anniversary, Having become an essential element of the Crown. Probably far more central than Queen Sofia was, the proverbial professionalism had narrower limits to show. The acceleration of these times plays in its favor:
Letizia represents ductility and flexibility in an institution by its rigid nature that, however, must be related to change. From her own wedding, the Queen represents innovation, a value that the 21st century places in a privileged position.

It has not been an easy twelve months for the
Royal house, Subject to
consecutive earthquakes of the tax investigations of the
King Emeritus John Charles, Countless political tensions and global tragedy, with more than 85,000 dead in Spain alone, which has caused the covid-19 pandemic. Nor does the strictly personal thing go smoothly, as the march to Wales of the
Princess Eleanor it must necessarily leave its mark. And yet in this almost seismic terrain l
the figure of Letizia has been strengthened and revalued, Especially for his displays of empathy and solidarity with the most vulnerable in key moments of the pandemic. If 17 years ago many doubted what Letizia could bring to the Spanish monarchy, today we could emphasize just the opposite:
as the Queen exemplifies excellence that we all wish for the institution.

The months of the pandemic have been very important in propelling the
public relevance of the Queen, As the usual frivolity of the commentary on his appearances did not take place at critical times for so many families. As fashion faded into the background, his close words and warm gestures shone. In fact,
attention has been redoubled to his speeches, in which from time to time the perfectly predictable is broken and this solidarity emerges that they immediately tune in to the citizenry. It happened, for example, in the
Santander WomenNOW Congress, when he showed his excitement by referring to Olivia and Anna, the girls from Tenerife kidnapped by their father and tragically missing, and Rocío Caíz, the 17-year-old murdered by her ex-boyfriend in Seville.

In the speech of thanks to his appointment as
honorary student of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University,
Letizia want to close a nostalgic and funny intervention with a statement of intent that can not go unnoticed:
“50 years is a nice number to try to do things right in the place that each one belongs to us”, He said in front of an audience of journalists. What the Queen brings to the sense of the monarchy cannot be better summed up.

This ‘do things right’ of
Letizia it cannot be more expressive: it evokes so much the
demanding sea as in the Queen who is known to be the center of attention. In this sense, the small slips of clothing of his early years were left behind: his
image always flawless it is today praised internationally. In recent months, she has also begun to give depth to her way of understanding fashion, with choices that sometimes go a step beyond aesthetics.

This is what happens when
Letizia reuses fish or he wears simple low shoes, a test of his intelligence when it comes to reading what happens in society, or when he bets on small Spanish brands that work with ecological fabrics.
The frequent gesture of complicity in Queen Sofia, the costumes recover from time to time, Is another very interesting gesture. This is how Letizia aligns with her predecessor, perhaps the only person in Rei’s family with whom
maintains a relationship more or less fluid.

Of course,
Letizia it still has pending subjects, although some have more to do with the short run of our parliamentary monarchy compared to the British or Dutch, for example.
We miss the presence of the Spanish Royal House on social media, where other crowned families are shown in their most personal and close.. There is also some difference in the Queen’s international exposure compared to other European consorts, for example
Maximum of Holland, The lobbying work for certain charitable causes is remarkable. In these years to come with the
Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia already out of the nest, it could be another important element to add to their contribution and the consolidation of their institutional role.

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