The hidden meaning of the official presence of Queen Sofia in the premiere of the new season of Teatro Real (in the absence of Philip VI and Letizia)

The situation on the island of La Palma, devastated by the eruption of the Cim Vell volcano, has upset the official agenda of the kings: Felip and Letizia have come to console ‘in situ’ the palm trees, a time to show the solidarity of the monarchy that has overlapped with
the inauguration of the new season of Teatre Reial, Which they were going to go to tonight. It will be done, unfortunately alone, by Queen Emeritus Sofia, a great lover of classical music for whom such invitations write more in the column of credit than in that of the has. Much of his official agenda revolves around music, many as a
Honorary President of the Queen Sofia School of Music. In addition, it usually delivers the
Reina Sofia Prize for Musical Composition from the Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation and preside over a multitude of charity concerts.

The relationship of the
Queen Sofia with the world of the classical it has always been of genuine admiration. Let us remember that her university education had to do with archeology and also with music, and that one of the most distinctive friendships in her long reign united her to the ‘
Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, Died in 2007 already the funeral in Moscow attended, in private trip, the queen emeritus. Sofia went to all her concerts in Spain without fail, and the genius of the cello was never lacking in the important moments of the Royal Family. In fact,
the first public appearance of Philip and Letizia took place in a concert at the Teatro Real that Rostropovich offered in honor of the Kings. He then performed in his dual capacity as conductor and cellist, something that only happened on “very special occasions” because of the great effort he required.

Queen Sofia alongside her great friend, the Russian genius of the cello Mstislav Rostropovich. /


She was the mother of the queen emeritus,
Federica of Hanover, Who introduced her children to the understanding and enjoyment of classical music, a passion prior to her marriage to the
King Emeritus John Charles. “I met the Queen when she was very young,” said the prestigious Argentine director
Daniel Barenboim. “I have seen him many times and I can say that he is a very intelligent person and that he really vibrates with music and culture. Spain can be very proud to have a queen who cares so much about music. He knows very, very well ». Another old acquaintance of the
Queen Sofia is
Zubin Mehta, Concerts usually go yes or yes. In fact, last June he traveled from Athens to Geneva to go to one of them, in addition to visiting the
Infanta Cristina on the day of his birthday (56).

Queen Emeritus Sofia with the Kings, Princess Eleanor and Princess Sofia, at the Princess of Asturias Awards in 2019. /


Still, this one
unfortunate situation in which a tragedy bursts into the agenda of the kings reveals the narrow margin of maneuver that the Royal House has to deal with the tasks of representation that fall under its responsibility.
Although the activity of the Zarzuela Palace cannot be compared to Buckingham Palace (That’s why the machinery that moves the Windsors is called ‘The Firm’, as if it were a corporation), it is true that it is noteworthy that
all the weight of the institution falls on two people, Philip and Letizia, long ruled out the collaboration of the emeritus king and the infants.

In this context,
the availability of Queen Sofia to cover kings is of vital importance and can be interpreted not only as a recognition of a king in the figure of his mother, but as a
continuity in service which Queen Sofia continues to do at the Royal House.

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