Marta Lluïsa from Norway turns 50 (and no longer wants to marry her shaman)

It seems that there are problems in the spiritual and loving paradise of Marta Lluïsa from Norway. The daughter of kings Harald V i
Sonia from Norway and sister-in-law of Princess Mette-Marit, seems to have rethought her relationship with the shaman and guru of
Gwyneth Paltrow in Hollywood. Everyone has been surprised that
Durek Verrett has been the great absentee in the celebration of the 50th birthday of the former princess who, precisely, was on the verge of losing her royal title to use it to promote his career.

In addition to this absence, yesterday, coinciding with the date of her 50th birthday, the former Princess of Norway gave an exclusive interview for the NRK television channel and Marta Lluïsa
he was sincere (in half) about his sentimental situation: “I have no plans to move yet (to the United States). Everything changes all the time with Covid, and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I live by the day, but for now I am and will remain in Norway. Big surprise.

Marta Lluïsa and her boyfriend (possible ex), the shaman Diurek Verrett /


For those who are not on the target of why these statements have unleashed rumors about the breakup between Marta Lluïsa of Norway and her shaman, here goes a little reminder.
Marta Lluïsa from Norway he began his relationship with the California guru
Shaman Durek (Durek Verret) officially in 2019. The officiation via Instagram and since then have become the favorite target of the Norwegian sensationalist press, that being said, has never gotten along very well with the talking princess with the angels daily (according to her) and states that spirits can cause venereal infections.

While the couple talked about connection and
having found his soul mate misfortune hovered over Marta Lluïsa: that same year the father of her daughters,
her ex-husband Ari Behn, He killed himself. A hard blow that Marta Lluïsa confessed yesterday that she is still assimilating. But despite the pain 2020 began with shaman and princess with warnings to everyone about that his was going very seriously and that King Harald himself had given them his approval.


Marta Lluïsa’s ex-husband from Norway has committed suicide

Unfortunately in 2020 also came the pandemic and this was the drop that spilled the glass of patience of the Norwegian press that had been attacking the princess for a year to use its privileged position
to do business with her boyfriend. To further aggravate the picture, at the worst moment of isolation in Europe from the corornavirus, Marta Lluïsa “escaped” to the United States to reunite with her boyfriend because she had not seen him since Christmas 2019. scandal was major in Norway and Marta Lluïsa had to return to her country and spend the rest of the confinement.

After enduring the downpour, and after announcing again and again this spring that he was moving to California, autumn has arrived without this move taking place and as a result of how he spoke yesterday on the subject on Norwegian television it seems that
Marta Lluïsa has thought better of it. The princess has just turned 50 and everything indicates that the distance has cooled her romance: she no longer knows when she is going to move or at least she has lost the hurry to reunite with her boyfriend shaman and her latest statement eternal love on Instagram is from June 2020 (over a year). Will the angels have told you that it is not really your soul mate?

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