This is the most luxurious and effective anti-aging ingredient to eliminate wrinkles.

The world’s most highly valued precious metal has entered the beauty industry with its trademark ostentation and luxury. The
gold is postulated as one of the ingredients for the
facial care most revolutionary and beneficial.
Serums, oils, or masks they advertise themselves with the mere mention of golden opulence. This component already has a long tradition with regard to the skin, due to its
anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and
anti-aging. If you want a radiant face, as luminous as the glare of the sun, we discover the uses of gold, because it is not a simple marketing trick.

Gold is a chemical element that, in beauty, is incorporated as
colloidal gold or
24 karat pure gold powder. The first of them, frequently referred to as
“Nanogold”They are stable particles of this metal that are introduced deep into the skin to reach the cells easily, increasing their effectiveness. The second shape has the same characteristics, but is thicker. Although, the clinical study of the ingredient is still quite limited, the data is promising and states that it is not only a great anti-aging asset, but that
could enhance the effectiveness of other components, acting as a carrier to aid penetration.

Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask /


The golden compound
slows down the aging process of the skin. It is able to promote firmness by increasing the
collagen production and elasticity, so
minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it protects the complexion by creating a barrier against free radicals from environmental pollution and solar radiation. In other words, it has both the prevention and treatment qualities of the signs of aging.

PRAI 24K GOLD Wrinkle Repair Cream /


Gold nanoparticles have, among their tested properties, a
mechanism that accelerates wound healingsuch as burns, cuts, irritation or redness. Basically it works like
antiseptic. Its antioxidant activity reduces inflammation and brings a lot of luminosity to the face, leaving it decongested, calm and with a uniform tone. In addition, it has been proven that they stimulate blood circulation (something that is great for volumizing, depigmenting and preserving hydration, especially in the area around the eyes).

Ila-spa Gold Cellular Anti-Aging Facial Serum /


Although it is true that dermatologists are leading the way in this field, due to the brevity of the discoveries, those that exist so far suggest that it is a
hero capable of rescuing any type of skin. Of course, those who are sensitive, with allergic tendencies or react earlier to metals, should be careful, so it is recommended to test in a small area of ​​the face and monitor its evolution (symptoms can take up to 72 hours to appear).

Prime Youth Gold Caviar Gold Foil Mask by Holika Holika /


It can be found in any cosmetic product. Depending on its format (serum, mask, cream …) it should be applied with the frequency or at the time of day, proper to it and indicated by the label. Do not think that by being a
antioxidant with soothing properties it is safe if we overdo it, clogging pores or creating a film on the surface that prevents the treatment from working. It is best to use it
two or three times a week.

Gold Hydralifting Mask by Omorovicza /


Combined with other antioxidants or
peptides, will improve the power and the result in the skin, obtaining the benefits multiplied. Nevertheless,
it is counterproductive to use it if retinol or AHAs are present in your routine. Both have a great impact on cells which makes them irritating and that makes you not want to dare to test what happens if components as reactive as these join with gold. As a proposal, you can
interspersed the use of gold and retinol at night.

Dare to transform your facial care routine with this super luxurious anti-aging ingredient fit for royalty?

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