Serum, oil and lotion in one product: Blanca Suárez’s discovery to keep her skin hydrated and luminous

It is not the first time
Blanca Suarez recommends their beauty basics. From the beauty gadget with which she gets the active ingredients of her treatment to penetrate deep into her skin, to her lifting effect serum or her anti-cellulite firming cream with which she can show off her body 10. The actress, who loves it the beauty world, has starred
Guerlain’s latest campaign, for which a preserved ecosystem where black bees live, which produce a honey of exceptional properties, a basic component of
his Abeille Royale youth oil.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Aqueous Oil allows the skin to repair up to 9 times faster, leaving it more plump, smoother and more luminous. Its surprising texture offers
the richness of an oil, the lightness of a lotion and the power of a serum. Its Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology combines the most powerful bee products: the exceptional
black bee honey from the island of Ouessant combined with
three other honeys from preserved islands (Corsica, Icaria, Aland) and a
Royal jelly exclusive.

You just have to shake the bottle, take three drops in the palms of your hands to generate heat and apply it on the skin
before your usual treatment from the center out. Clench your fists, place them on your cheeks like Blanca does in the video, and swing them up and out with energy. If you are interested, you can find it in Primor for 56.95 euros. Are you interested in what honey and royal jelly can do for your skin? Well point these
other cosmetics, because its results are surprising:

Esthederm Propolis Intensive Serum

Intensive treatment of
concentrated serum indicated for skin with imperfections, blackheads and enlarged pores. Its concentrated formula based on
propolis which helps reduce dermis imperfections and visibly diminishes enlarged pores and
salicylic acid helps to refine the texture of the skin which helps to smooth the marks of the complexion. You can find it at PromoFarma for 47.55 euros.

Apivita Bee Radiant Serum

Treatment formulated with
98% ingredients of natural origin that prevents and repairs the signs of aging in the process of formation, while providing instant luminosity and an effective anti-pollution effect. This energizing serum contains
white peony extract, proprietary propolis and dragon fruit that prevents, delays and repairs the signs of aging in the process of formation, such as fine lines and wrinkles, while offering immediate and long-lasting radiance. It is available at DosFarma for 24.30 euros.

Nourishing cream with jelly, propolis and Harmony honey

Its formula with
propolis, helps protect the skin from external factors and UV rays, the
honey It contributes to the treatment of skin conditions, providing nutrition and cooperating in its regeneration. And the
Royal jelly it is rich in lipids and vitamins, creating a hydration barrier, preventing moisture loss, leaving it softer and more elastic. Find it at PromoFarma for 15.90 euros.

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