Hyaluronic acid and squalane, the perfect anti-aging cocktail to eliminate wrinkles, firm and have a radiant complexion

Aging is a fact that we do not appreciate as we should, with all those enriching experiences, unforgettable experiences and relationships of absolute affection. Although, when it comes to the skin … there is not so much joy. We don’t like those changes at all.
We want to continue to have the best of aspects and those annoying signs put us continuous obstacles. Therefore, to prevent and cure, our facial care routine must include the most powerful ingredients that, at the same time, respect the skin so as not to experience reactions.

You will already know a lot about
anti-aging actives number one, retinol and
vitamin C, but today we come to defend two other excellent and powerful ones, who happen to work together as a scandal. These are hyaluronic acid and
squalane. Excellent, separately, unbeatable if they join forces. The couple is responsible for providing a
intense hydration that fills the face, as well as
shine and
blur spots and wrinkles. Can you ask for more? We explain its benefits and how you have to incorporate it into a beauty regimen for the best results.

Squalane and Omega Repair Cream by Biossance. 50.95 euros /


On the one hand, the
squalane, a component of plant origin and produced naturally by our body, is a humectant that
reinforces the hydration barrier in the skin. Good absorption (which ensures effectiveness),
helps replenish lipids, it is
anti-inflammatory and
nurtures the microbiome so that the complexion is kept looking young.

Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Serum by Peter Thomas Roth. 79.95 euros /


hyaluronic acid works for
store water, rebuild tissues, and maintain collagen and elastin production at a good level. Cell regenerator, fills in wrinkles,
diminishes the appearance of fine lines, blurs spots and provides a good face effect, with a juicy and radiant face.

Q10 Serum from The Inkey List. 5.95 euros /


Together, they work to lock in moisture, even tone, revive the dermis, protect from free radical damage, and tighten features.. Both rebuild the skin barrier that gives that youthful volume, clarity and prevents the harmful effects of the sun or pollution. A
hyaluronic acid serum first and
on top a cream with squalane, they will make you wake up with the best possible complexion. Or also,
you can use them at the same time in a formula that contains both.

Hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 from The Ordinary. 6.95 euros /


All skin types they benefit from these assets. From dry (they keep hydration for a long time) to fat (they balance the production of the sebaceous glands, passing through the sensitive ones (due to their soothing aspect). If you suffer from dryness, dehydration in areas, dull face, acne, hyperpigmentation , burns or wounds, this combo is for you. You can even use them on your hair!

Extra Night Time Moisture Cream by DHC. 36.45 euros /


Those with
mature skin they will also notice the visible changes, because in higher concentrations,
act as a dermal filler or botox and, they redensify.

Resvératrol [lift] Firming Night Cream by Caudalíe. 47.95 euros /


Skin experts recommend opting for the
squalene derived from sugar caneFor its better quality, and, with regard to hyaluronic acid, it is best to add a layer of a moisturizing cream or occlusive mask to retain moisture for longer and allow better absorption and effectiveness. Skins of the world, here you have the definitive solution to all your problems.

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