Goodbye to the curtain bangs, Violeta Mangriñán shows that now the long parade is the option that most favors and with which to be sure

Between the
hair trends for this fall is the seventies, a legacy of that decade that this season is reflected in layered haircuts in styles such as the shaggy that Pilar Rubio has just done. But above all, what I like most about this fashion are, without a doubt, the
bangs. And although the curtain has been his favorite so far, it seems that the parade is winning the game and
Violeta Mangriñán has confirmed it.

The influencer wanted to inaugurate the arrival of autumn and say goodbye to summer with a good
look change. And although it has kept its dark tone and its XL length, Violeta has wanted to return to the bangs. And we say that he has returned because she has already tried the flattering effect that this cut has by wearing all the styles: the curtain, the length, the parade … And it seems that it is the latter that she liked the most because she has returned to him. .

And we are not surprised because it looks great. It is a way to wear the bangs straight, but with a more casual look when
be semi-open, disheveled and not so thick. You have chosen a long version that is below the eyebrows and is also very comfortable, since it is
easy to pick up and style when it starts to grow. «The bangs are back, keeping the shape from the 70s, but not so much the texture. We like it because
favors almost everyone and brings vitality to the face, but we don’t handle it the same way. Now we like it without that slight frizz touch, with a shinier and more polished finish “, says Felicitas Ordás from Felicitas Hair about this trend.

On the other hand, Jose Garcia from Jose Garcia Peluqueros recommends the fringes that are worn like that of Violeta: «If you want to refresh your look, but without risking, the fringed side is your best option.
You can wear it in a thousand ways, with a natural texture, with an updo leaving the bangs and a few loose strands, with a headband… It is ideal for long faces because it makes them appear shorter, although
they suit almost everyone. Also, if we comb it long and to one side it makes the face appear longer, which makes it ideal for round faces. Do you dare with him?

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