Astaxanthin, the anti-aging antioxidant stronger than vitamin C and E combined to show off a radiant, youthful complexion this fall

Surely you are one of those who for nothing in the world would change their vitamin C serum in the morning. As most. This multipurpose anti-aging ingredient takes the cake for
treatment and prevention of signs of aging and damage caused by solar radiation. But what would you say if there was another
antioxidant willing to take the place of this incredible asset. Advances in the beauty market increasingly introduce new ingredients with multiple properties for the skin. Little by little, one of these components with an indecipherable name is gaining presence that turns out to be fascinating to increase shine and combat the problems of aging.

It’s about the
astaxanthin, an antioxidant
6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C and 500 more than
Vitamin E, studies have shown. This skincare hero is here to change the rules of the game and further increase the effectiveness of your cosmetics. If you want a face of
healthy and rested look, without a trace of stains, wrinkles and with a dazzling shine, write it down why this stranger is going to sweep away. Here we are going to explain all its benefits.

Skin Recovery Serum Super Antioxidant Concentrate from Paula’s Choice. 37 euros /


Astaxanthin is a
carotenoid that comes from algae and other marine species, this genus is characterized by its antioxidant power,
helps age-related degenerative problems and other skin conditions. Usually,
prevents oxidative stress that generate free radicals, slowing down the aging process. This implies that it is more effective when t
to treat discoloration, wrinkles, or lack of shine, as well as avoiding the formation of new lines or their deterioration.

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Suitable for all skin types due to its character
anti-inflammatory (inhibits COX 2 enzymes that cause redness, swelling or eczema). It is very productive in preserving and
increase collagen and elastin production of the skin, which translates into less sagging and firmed and voluminous features, with continued use. All this comes together so that we obtain a youthful, hydrated, unified, smooth and luminous face, at a higher level than with the application of vitamin C.

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The marine component can be supplied through the diet, with foods such as salmon or shellfish, or with
supplements ingestible, intended to reduce blood pressure, fatigue, strengthen the skin barrier or increase collagen in the dermis. Although, it is recommended to speak with the family doctor first because it can have side effects in people with diabetes or autoimmune diseases.

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Of course, if we want optimal results we will have to
combine oral and topical routes, daily.
Mature skins or those most affected by sun damage benefit the most from astaxanthin, correcting any troublesome signs that come from age or radiation.

It is safe to use it in any formula, concentration or product, the probability of a reaction being low. In cosmetics such as serums or moisturizers it is the best option. If we combine it with other ingredients such as
Omega 3 or the powerful moisturizer, the
Vitamin E, It works great.

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Intrigued? See for yourself the wonderful anti-aging promises of astaxanthin and perhaps make vitamin C obsolete.

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