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Got a few minutes to spare? Want to make some easy money? Let us tell you more.

    • Do you use social media? That’s ALL that is required to earn some easy money!
    • Seen Insta girls posting their favourite outfits with a link to shop the look? Link in their bio? 21 buttons post?
    • You can get paid simply by sharing outfit links! If someone swipes up and makes a purchase within a month, you will receive 10% commission!
    • Why not create a weekend look book on your insta story for every weekend? A friends birthday coming up? Recommend an outfit!
    • Create an insta style guide for loungewear or must-have accessories.
    • Add the referral link to your Insta bio and make some coins for every curious purchase made! The IP address will log all purchases back to you.
    • Share some looks on Facebook and Insta as your wishlist or favourite items of the month, pop the link in and watch the coins roll in!

It really is that simple. You share some ideas + products to your followers / friends/ family and get paid!

If this takes your fancy, all you have to do is sign up and copy your unique link! Once you have completed that, you can also generate links for specific pages, track your clicks and see all your automatic commission payments!

PLEASE NOTE: Payment email = Paypal.


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